Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have a gracious and loving God who is truly carrying me every step of the way..especially this past week....

Life has been busy and crazy, to say the least. But it has been great too! Student teaching is already off to a great start..I have a great school, staff and class to work with! I am learning so much and the 2nd graders are cute! They're pretty fun to teach and they have so much energy. I love it! So I love being in the classroom & school, the not so fun part is having senior seminar once a week, which means...HOMEWORK! We have to read a book for that class, plus do assignments like attend school board meetings, write reflections, & video myself teaching. And..a work sample! (the 100 page document of lesson plans, standards, etc etc) It's ridiculous.'s my last one that I have to do!! (i've already done 2!)

So yes, life is crazy. But I am really enjoying it. I've been trying my best to manage my time between teaching, planning, BaNd, being the female chaplain for the band, and hanging out with friends, plus practicing 6 hours a week! Crazy..YES?!?

On top of all that...all of my roommates are sick, plus some of my friends that are student teaching too! I'm trying my best to stay healthy! :)

I came upon this verse in the bible...about being joyful always, praying continuously and giving Thanks in ALL circumstances. I kinda feel like that's like my life verse. Especially recently. A friend asked me how I can be so cheerful all of the response; i can be grouchy too. haha.

"Be joyful ALWAYS, pray CONTINUOUSLY, give THANKS in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."Philippians 4:6

Oh ya...i'm gonna be 21 in TWO days!