Monday, December 17, 2007


"everything I desire is found in Jesus."

It's such a true statement but why is it so hard to experience it to the fullness? I sometimes wish I lived long ago when everything was slow-paced and life was enjoyed; patience was probably a true virtue. ..the best things in life take time.. Why is it that we look to the world to fulfill our desires and not Jesus? Life would be so much more fulfilling if we seek the face of God. It's hard to live in this world, and not be of this world.

I am truly blessed beyond measure with so many things, but I find myself longing for more. I need and want to be content but I also want to fall more deeply in love with Jesus.

Speaking of being blessed, it's officially winter break! This semester was by far the best semester ever! Student teaching and juggling everything else I was involved in, I loved it! Their were a couple of times when I thought I wouldn't make it...but I did! I'm going to miss my 2nd graders oh so much! They were the stresses and blessings this semester. I loved teaching them, listening to their funny stories and praying for them. My heart broke a few times for the situations that they have to deal with at home. I loved being able to call them "my kids." :) In a sense they really became a part of me...I spent over 500 hours with them this semester, taught them new things and spent LOTS of time with them. I loved getting hugs & all of their really cute cards. It's amazing how big of an influence a child's teacher can become to them...even a student teacher.

One more semester left...of gen. ed's. UGH! I'm not all that thrilled, but I'm excited to be back on campus and spend my last semester with my friends and making new ones! I'll also be finding out about the JET program, interviews and whether or not I'll be teaching in Japan next year!! SO exciting & really scary!

Well, I can't wait to see my family soon! It'll be an exciting & very busy sister's WEDDING!, Mt. Hood for Christmas, California for the rest of break!! :)

"Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS!"