Sunday, June 22, 2008

Standing firm

Summer school is going pretty good so far. I didn't know how exhausting it is for such a short amount of time-4 hours. It's a good amount of time though and nice so the kids can have fun too in the summer time. Having 31 kids is huge and noisy and stressful. I love teaching, no doubt, but managing them is the toughest part. Everyone that I've talked to keeps telling me that I HAVE to "put my foot down"/lay down the law, be tough and stand firm. My response is always that it's really not in my nature to be "mean/firm." I'm practicing it and it's good that I have this summer school experience to learn and practice being firm.

It's just exhausting and takes so much of my energy. My prayer is that I seek God's guidance in everything, especially through the last weeks.

Other than school, I miss my friends. It's not the same living apart from them, and talking over the phone doesn't even compare to being with each other in person. I miss the fun, crazy times with the roommates, three shades, and my other loves! Maybe I will move back...:P

I'm waiting for God's call on my life. I know He has great things in store for me, so I guess you could say i'm in the time of waiting and listening for His voice and direction.