Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today has been a rainy day and it makes me miss Oregon and the rain that I always hated. Its funny how you miss the things that you once hated. weird. I have been missing the fall weather, fall leaves and all of the fun stuff that come with the season. I love living in "paradise" but I miss the change of scenery, the change in weather and the beauty of the seasons.

I got to help out with the college fair to talk to high school students about Fox. It brought back all of the memories of college--roommates, the SEASONS, classes, studying, laptop!, and everything that comes with the package of going to Fox. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Talking to these Hawaii kids was fun because I could relate to them, having grown up here in hawaii. I kept on advertising the beautiful fall season and experiencing the cold :)

I even talked to my students about Fall and of course added the reasons why the leaves change colors and that they eventually fall. Many of them have traveled being in the military, so they have experienced it. The ones that have never left Hawaii, it gave them a chance to see the REAL leaves from Oregon and to hear us talk about it! Thanks Rachael for sending those! They were very excited!!

I can't wait to go up to Oregon in January! It's getting closer! I don't know how much I'll like the cold again though...i'm gonna freeze! hehe. I can't wait to spend time with my friends again!!

Anyways, back to the rainy day today....all I did was pretty much relax, lay around and watch TV and of course sleep off and on. I love weekends! Thank the Lord the weather is getting cooler. It makes it easier to sleep, but then harder to get out of bed.

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